Welcome to me

Inaugural entry. Already have a separate blog for baby photos and other family info, and a steadily growing collection of travel photography, but wanted my own space. Maybe I should have gone to MySpace, but I wanted to be different. Plus, randolfambrose has an LJ, and I figured he knows what he’s doing.

This blog is mostly for my own benefit/amusement, but I’ll assume that someone else may read it at some point, so here’s some stuff about me:

Thirtysomething, married, two small children, British nationality, English culturally, live in Brussels, permanent contract working for a large public administration (what Italians would call “lo starbene”).

Not sure yet what I’ll put up here – probably a mixture of rants, raves and links. Just felt like I needed a space to ramble on about whatever crosses my mind, without having to think about who’s reading and why. Will probably take me a while to settle into an appropriate/comfortable style (I never kept a journal before).

Random link of the day: http://www.moderna.org/lookatme/, a fascinating collection of abandoned photos. 


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