What do you do?

I love it when I discover something that I had no idea ever existed before, especially regarding the things people can find to do for a living or as a hobby. Once, while spending a year teaching English in Genoa, I met a friend of a friend who said that she took dance notation for a living. Not only did I not know that she did that, I didn’t know that anyone did that. She basically assists a choreographer by taking a type of shorthand – hieroglyphics which describe in exact detail the movements the dancers make. They can then read this back later like a music score. 
Today I discovered another previously unheard of practice, and a particularly beautiful one at that: Arborsculpture. This is not wood carving, but a way of shaping a tree into a sculpture while it’s still growing. It’s hard to describe: see the links below.

http://www.pooktre.com/,  http://www.arborsmith.com/.


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