Me no likey

Stuff I like

§  wearing sunglasses – I can stare at people all I like because they can’t see where I’m looking

§  walking down the middle of the street on a car-free day

§  being able to see the moon during the day

§  buildings covered in ivy

§  the moment of take-off

§  watching the light in a room change as the sun moves in and out of passing clouds

§  ugly dogs (bulldogs, pekinese, pugs, etc. Anything with bulging eyes and a lolling tongue cracks me up)

Stuff I don’t like

§  when someone has leant their head against the bus/plane/train window, leaving a steamy, hairy smear on the glass

§  sediment in the bottom of a drink

§  having a conversation while having my haircut. Not because I don’t like talking to hairdressers, but because I don’t like seeing myself in the mirror as I talk.

§  Sleep in the corners of someone’s eyes, or spit in the corners of their mouth

§  People who went to the “university of life” or who live in “the real world”

§  People who find it incredible that a heterosexual male can have no interest in sport

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