Time flies

Not for me, it doesn’t. 
I mean, I hear people all the time complaining about how their life just seems to rush by, and they never have enough time, and how something that happened years ago seems like only yesterday. When I tell people that I have young children one of the most common responses is to warn me to pay attention and enjoy them while they can, because before I know it they’ll have grown up and moved out.  Pink Floyd’s “Time” from “Dark Side of the Moon” encapsulates this feeling.
If anything, time seems to pass quite slowly for me. Okay, occasionally a particular day or week will pass more quickly than normal, but it’s not a constant problem. Maybe it’s related to how busy you are – if you have nothing to do the day stretches out in front of you (John Shuttleworth wrote a memorable song about this feeling called “Alone With the Day”), whereas if you don’t have a moment to stop and look around, the day rushes by. But then again, whenever I have a full day, it makes it feel longer, especially when I look back on it and think “Wow, did I squeeze all that into just one day?”
It reminds me of some of the video arcade games I used to spend far too much time playing as a child – when the game started getting particularly intense and complex, it would often slow down slightly (either because it was more difficult for the machine to process, or to give the player a bit of help, I’m not sure which). Similarly, when something dramatic or dangerous happens like a fight or an accident, people often describe a feeling of slow motion as they’re pumped full of adrenalin and their reactions quicken.
Another thought – a friend and I were discussing once how we often put off tasks because we assume that we need a large portion of time to deal with them. Once we feel that we have enough (i.e. an afternoon free), we start it, only to discover that in fact it only took five minutes and so could have been done a lot sooner. Again, this is the opposite to what a lot of people experience, where they underestimate  how long something will take (I see this sort of thing quite frequently at work).
Blimey – is that the time? I’m off home.


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