A hazy shade of winter

It’s dark now when I get up in the morning. Not that this stops me from getting up, but it’s a comforting sign of the time of year. I love autumn – it feels very cosy, especially if it’s cloudy, like today, and the overcast sky feels like a warm duvet. The only thing I like more than that, weather-wise, is cold crisp sunny autumn days, preferably frosty, and first thing in the morning is my favourite time of day. Watching the sun come up fills me with a wonderful sense of opportunity and optimism.
I’d rather be too cold than too hot; I love having to wear a coat when I go outside. I hate sweating. Maybe it’s because I was born in mid-November? It’s not that I like being cold, but there’s something about warming yourself by an open fire with a hot drink that’s infinitely preferable to laying in the hot sunshine with a cool drink. The light is also better at this time of year – no harsh shadows or glare, even when it’s sunny.
I’m already planning trips to some German winter markets, where I can sip mulled wine in the twilight and see my breath puffing like steam from my mouth.