Fear itself

Have you ever been a victim of crime? Do you know anyone who has? Do you worry about this kind of thing a lot?
Take a look at this graph from the Human Security Report.
Now compare it with this one.
Why do people worry so much about something that will in all likelihood never happen to them? And, more importantly, let it influence their voting behaviour? I mean, if someone spent all their time obsessing over the possibility of being struck and killed by a meteorite, you’d think they’ were crazy, wouldn’t you? This is the kind of paranoia that leads people to shut themselves (and their children) away from others, who they then tend to mistrust and fear. More on this can be found at Anxiety Culture (I know – ugly design, but the content is fascinating).

Some of these issues, especially about reaching out and communicating with others, are explored in the film Babel, which I saw last night. Good soundtrack too.

The report also contains a list of the world’s least secure countries – handy for when it comes to planning your next holiday…


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