Eleven o’clockish

I’m a grazer, a snacker. Sat in an office all day, I have to nibble, munch or drink something. It tends to be worse in the afternoon. On a bad day I’ll have a croissant and coffee at about 0930 (having already had breakfast at 0730), lunch, then maybe a piece of fruit, a juice, then another coffee with maybe a piece of chocolate or a muffin. Then dinner. I’ve been trying to cut down. I don’t have a weight problem as such, but I weighed myself recently (not a regular thing, but I was curious) and I’d slipped over the 80 kilo mark for the first time. This was also part of the reason I recently started playing badminton (currently my only physical activity, although I maintain that running around after my two daughters keeps me fit enough).
I’ve never been able to understand people who don’t have breakfast. And there’s a woman at work who not only never eats breakfast, but rarely eats lunch either. What keeps her going?

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