Don’t say a word

Watched a film last night called Hukkle (try the official site too – it’s available in English, and there’s lots of wacky stuff, including a screenplay, which is weird, for reasons which will become apparent if you read on).
There is no dialogue in Hukkle (unless you count hiccoughs (the title of the film in Hungarian) and a song at the end). When was the last time you saw a film with no dialogue? Before you say anything, silent movies don’t count. Silent movies had plenty of dialogue; it was just communicated by intertitles. By the way, if your knowledge of pre-sound cinema begins and ends with Chaplin, or just if you have any interest whatsoever in film, you should read Kevin Brownlow’s excellent “The Parade”s Gone By“. It’s not a dry academic study, but is rather full of fascinating anecdotes and is generally a real eye-opener about an amazingly creative and now sadly neglected period.

Hitchcock famously complained that most movies didn’t tell their stories visually, and were just “pictures of people talking”. Even someone as renowned for his scripts as David Mamet tends to agree.

Another good one is “Les Triplettes de Belleville“. As we’ve moved into animation now I guess you could include the Disney Fantasia movies too, although to my mind they’re just extended music videos, which isn’t the same thing.

After watching these you may begin to wonder if there’s any need to talk at all

On the other hand, if you want a film that’s nothing but talk, this is one of the best. There are even action figures available (please, Santa!).