Whistling in the dark

We’ve just set up a site meter for our baby site, and I’m fascinated (and a little freaked out) about how much information it gives us. IP address, town, exactly which pages you looked at and for how many seconds (or even, in one case, whole minutes!), etc. Can other bloggers see me logging on to their sites half a dozen times a day? Can they hear me muttering “Come on you lazy bastard – post something! I’m bored!”?
Oh, and we decided against one of those counters that proudly shouts out to everyone “You’re the 12th person to visit my website!!!!!”

I really wanted to put one here too, but only certain LJ page layouts support counters, and, of course, they’re all the really ugly ones which would make people take one look and hit the “back” button before they’d had time to read anything. And it’d mean losing some of the other features, unless I’m willing to pay, which I’m not. So I’m just going to have to assume (and we all know what happens when we do that) that someone’s reading.