Back to life

Brussels doesn’t seem to have entirely woken up to 2007 yet, with two consequences for me this morning. 
One – little or no traffic on the road to work this morning. Good. 
Two – café at work closed, forcing me to get my morning cappuccino from the machine. Bad. Machines cannot make cappuccino. They make white coffee with a thin layer of tiny bubbles which have all disappeared by the time I get back to my office.

Anyway, other than that, things are fine. Xmas at my parents was enjoyable (more details will be posted soon over at the family blog) – I received a creepy dvd and a bleepy cd, and vouchers to buy more of the same.

Yesterday the girls started back at the creche, but we only came back to work today, so yesterday we had a day to ourselves and drove up to Den Bosch (birthplace of, you’ve guessed it, Hieronymous Bosch) in the Netherlands. Upon arrival it became apparent that it was a lot colder than I’d anticipated, which lead to an emergency sweater purchase:

Following lunch at a great Dutch chain of cafés called Bagels and Beans (I had the special, filled with roast chicken, soy sauce, peanuts, and pak choi), I found the world’s greatest mug. 

You know – for those extra special drinks you want to be sure not to spill. Ok, so it was in a baby and toddler-type shop, but it holds a man-sized drink, and on the box it said “for ages 1 – 100”, and I happen to fit into that demographic, so there. 
You’re just envious.

Finally, I came back from the holidays to find that I’d made it onto The View From Your Window, which is nice.