The flock of the new

New! Latest! Unseen! New!

Why this obsession with the new? Magazines look the same every month, as they all review the same “new” movies and cds. Why not have a publication which reviews old stuff? Our culture’s back catalogue is full to bursting with interesting work, and yet we only ever seem interested in the last five minutes’ worth. Some are valiantly trying to spark interest in “old” stuff, but I fear that they’re fighting a losing battle and that much will be lost if we continue this deliberate cultural amnesia. 

In a similar vein, why the obsession with the young? We’re constantly exposed to actors and actresses barely out of puberty who have appeared in one tv show and a horror movie, and all of a sudden page after page of profiles, interviews and analysis appear. These people have nothing to say for themselves other than “I’m so lucky”, and “I’d love to work with Scorsese”. Why not talk to the old ones who have some life experience; some stories to tell…?

By the way, this idea also applies to this blog – try digging through the archives. They’re not that big, and you may find something you like. These posts aren’t designed to refer to a specific moment in time, and you don’t have to feel constrained to post comments only on the most recent entries.

Just a thought…



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