One more change of season

I’ve just come back to work after two weeks’ holiday (including a brief trip to Italy for Easter) and it’s amazing how much things have changed.
Firstly, my eldest daughter started pre-school today and secondly the temperature has shot up about 15 degrees Celsius in as many days.

Before my break, I wore a coat to work and had the heating on in the car. The trees were mostly bare and the skies were mostly grey. Now, I’m still hot even though I’m only wearing a shirt, I keep the window of my car open as I drive, and the air-conditioning on at work, and the trees are an explosion of green leaves and pink blossom. The skies are blue but hazy and dusty. As others have noted, this is somewhat pleasant but also a little worrying. 25°C in the shade in mid-April? Quick – someone call Al Gore…