Look into my eyes

If someone doesn’t look you in the eye when talking to you, how does that make you feel? Are you less likely to trust them? Do they look shifty? Do you think they’re nervous?
I only ask because…I’m one of those people. I have no problem looking you right in the eye when I’m listening to you, but when it’s my turn to talk, my gaze drifts off to one side. But don’t take it the wrong way – it means that I’m actually thinking about what I’m saying (unlike many people I prefer to think before I speak). I find it easier to marshall my thoughts when staring at a blank area, or out a window, rather than visually processing your expression and the way you’re reacting to me.
So don’t be offended – I’m not distracted or bored or impatient…I’m just thinking deep, thoughtful thoughts 😉