Sleeping dogs

One of the main (possibly the only) things I have learnt so far from having children is that it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. And this doesn’t just mean literally letting them sleep rather than prodding them awake because it’s time for a feed, although that’s important too.

I mean that sometimes the best way to be a parent is to do nothing. If they’re quiet, happy, doing something on their own, let them be. The more you interfere, interrupt, prod, distract, the worse it’ll turn out. You’ll be making a rod for your own back by teaching them to look to you every time they want to be entertained. They’ll look to you to explain or fix things for them rather than trying to figure it out for themselves. Children have far more intelligence and imagination than most people give them credit for, and parents are often a lot less wise and helpful than they give themselves credit for. This article articulates my point better than I ever could.

Also on the topic of responsible parenting:


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