Just don’t call me late for dinner

Do you like your name?
At one point when I was a child I decided that I didn’t like being called Simon and that I much preferred “David”. My family humoured me for a few days, but I knew that it wasn’t really true and asked them to stop.

But does your name really say anything about you? Would I be any different if I were called David? It’s not like our names describe what we do (” Dances With Wolves”, “Blogs Without Reason”, etc).

We knew for some time before our girls were born what they would be called, and we had just picked things we liked the sound of. In Belgium you have a certain number of days after the birth in which to register the child’s existence and name, and apparently this causes problems for some Muslim families as the choice of a name is a long, complicated and serious business, involving consultations with family and community elders.

On the other hand, some take the whole thing a little too far, usually in search of “originality”: here are some to avoid.