Perfect day

While driving in to work this morning, a line from It’s Not Up To You caught my attention: “How do I manage the perfect day?”

As the song title implies, I don’t think it’s something you can control. Someone once wrote that in order for a party to be a success, it has to become more than was planned for it. The same would apply to a perfect day for me – something surprising would have to happen; it would have to veer off in an unanticipated direction. I could spend some time planning exactly what I would do, where, and with whom, but if the day then proceeded exactly as planned, I’d be ever so slightly disappointed.Being able to do exactly what you want makes a nice change once in a while from the demands of work and family, and I like to take the occasional day off work just in order to sit at home on my own and know that I don’t have to do anything in particular. But these days are more like a sorbet than a delicious or nourishing dish.

So I don’t really know what I would do on my perfect day. One thing I’m sure of, however: there would definitely be banoffee pie at some point.
On the other hand you could spend the day watching the Beeb…