Been there, done that

I am currently inbetween phases 1 and 2 of holiday planning. Phase 1 involves preliminary research so as to identify the optimal combination of destination, transport and accommodation. Phase two, which is now commencing, involves deeper analysis of the site so as to better identify food, entertainment and sightseeing options. But I have become wary of over-doing this part. Visiting a new place shouldn’t just be a case of turning up and ticking off a list of preselected monuments and restaurants as you work through a minutely arranged itinerary. While it’s good to know a few things in advance, there should also be room for aimless wandering, perhaps leading to charming discoveries. Otherwise I’ll arrive, look at my chosen place to visit, and think “Yes, well, it’s just like in the photos I saw / guide book I read”.
By the way, the holiday consists of a week in Levanto with the munchkins, followed by a week in Umbria with my better half, leaving munchkins with grandparents in Genoa. Photos will be posted on flickr around the end of July.