One word at a time

I’ve always been a slow reader. I’m not sure why, but it depends on what I’m reading. If I’m reading for comprehension, at work for example, I can skim-read with the best of them, faster than most, in fact. But if I’m reading for pleasure, then I like to take my time, savour the text, absorb it and let my mind create connections and wander off on related tangents. I find that it makes for a fuller and broader experience. Besides, as others have noted, “there is something to be said for living with a book for [a] length of time“. I say this having just finished an enormously (overly) long science fiction trilogy which spread out over a large chunk of my time, due to the fact that opportunities to sit down and have a good read for a few hours only come along a couple of times a week for me. While I’m glad I got through (all 3000 + pages) of it, I also feel free now to move on to other (hopefully shorter) things. Like Proust…And before you ask, no, I don’t move my lips when I read. Although I do purse them.
UPDATE: Looks like I’m not the only one