Here comes the sun

It is a truth universally acknowledged that summers in Belgium are crap. And like most “universally acknowledged” truths, there’s not much truth in it at all. We have sun, we have temperatures ranging from the high 20s to the mid-30s (yes, celsius…), and these conditions can last for weeks, even months. Of course, this doesn’t stop many Brussels-based expats (particularly those from mediterranean climes) complaining endlessly about how much sunnier it is back in their country.
What irritates me a little is not so much the prejudice that Belgium doesn’t get “good” weather, but the whole notion that only unbroken blue sky and blazing sunshine constitute “good” weather. While I admit that the weather can have some effect on mood, I’m mystified by those who seem to simplistically equate sunshine with happiness and clouds with misery. Cloudy, even rainy, days have their appeal too, albeit of a different nature, and I can’t help feeling that think those who don’t get it are missing out. For me misty, grey days, even with a little drizzle, or blustery, thunderous ones, can be just as “good” in their way as warm, bright ones.