What do they teach you in school these days?

Not history any more, it seems. (EDIT – link no longer works. It was an Independent article about a proposal to make the teaching of history in shcools optional).
This comes soon after the decision to scrap compulsory foreign language lessons in UK schools. So not only will children not learn how to communicate with others, they’ll not learn about their own culture’s past and developments.
This apparently, is in the spirit of a) giving children what they want, and b) better equipping them for the world of work.

Firstly, since when was education about giving children what they want, as opposed to what they need? Presumably this will eventually lead to the replacement of science with Playstation classes, celebrity gossip courses taking the place of literature, etc.
Secondly, whatever happened to the idea of education helping to open children’s eyes to the world around them, exposing them to new ideas, teaching them how (not what) to think? Instead we get a system which sees fit only to equip young adults with those skills deemed necessary to qualify them for an ever-narrowing range of jobs.