Visual Purple

After my life drawing class the other day I received comments, not for the first time, to the effect that my drawing was accurate, but rather severe and unflattering. I realised that this is because, unlike some of my fellow sketchers, I draw lines (which means, in the cases of faces, wrinkles, creases, folds, spots, and other unsightly aspects), rather than building up an image by shading.
This is not from any desire to draw in a particular style, but it’s a product of how I see things. Apart from the fact that I have perfect eyesight, I don’t necessarily see the same things, or see the same things in the same way, as other people. Compared to my wife, for example, I tend to focus on details and the way light reflects and bounces around between surfaces. She is much more aware of colour. She used to use various different coloured highlighter pens to mark pages in books and documents she was studying, knowing that she would remember specific sections later based on the colour she’d used and its position on the page.
Colour in general is not so important to me, and yet I still prefer colour to B/W photography because my photos are essentially a reflection of how I see the world around me (rather than an act of creativity), and I see the world in colour.