Reading time

I remember reading an interview with Jeremy Irons a while ago discussing his role in the film Kafka (claim to fame – I know (and worked with) the camera assistant who worked on the shoot in Prague). When asked whether or not he’d read much of Kafka’s oeuvre, he said no, and that he didn’t read much at all because whenever he was reading he felt like he should be doing something else instead. (Ironic, then, that he’s since recorded several audio books).
This struck me because I feel almost exactly the opposite: I’m always trying to find time to read, and plan to use the odd moments here and there during the day to catch up on books and magazines. One of the things I miss about taking the metro to work, as opposed to driving, is the twenty minutes each way where I could sit down and read a chapter/article or two. On the two lunchtimes a week when I don’t have a language class, life drawing group or badminton, I read while I eat. I read in the gents. I try to read while eating breakfast, although that’s not very practical as I usually have to supervise one or more of our daughters as they eat theirs
And yet it’s still not enough. The magazines and books pile up.
Short of quitting my job in order to have the day free for reading, I don’t have many options other than resigning myself to that fact that I can’t read everything I want to, and trying to make sure that I don’t waste precious reading time on rubbish.