Four naked men in a room

The room is small and dimly lit. The men sit in plastic chairs. A young woman, who is not naked, enters and explains to them how to smear the four different coloured muds on various parts of their (own) bodies. She leaves the room. The lights dim, leaving the room illuminated only by myriad tiny points of light in the domed ceiling, simulating a night sky. The room slowly fills with steam, until the men, sat facing each other across a distance of a couple of meters, can no longer see each other’s faces. They absorb the cream and steam for twenty minutes. The steam evaporates. Then it starts to rain. Sprinklers hidden in the ceiling discharge warm water which the men use to wash off the cream. Then they rub oil into their (own) bodies. They leave the room, feeling soft, smooth, hydrated, and more than a little amused.


One of the four treatments I received during a weekend at Mondorf. For the record I hate saunas (you sit in a room and sweat – why?), and massages do nothing for me. But this little package was wacky fun.