New Home

Welcome to my slightly-less-humble-than-before abode. The move was prompted by various additional features WordPress offered, mostly relating to comments and statistics. The only snag encountered so far is that, despite trawling FAQs and fora both here and back at LJ, I’ve not found a way of importing the comments so many of you kindly left over at the old blog. The entries themselves are all present and correct, but if you want to peruse the wit and wisdom they originally provoked, you’ll have to go back and see them here, where they will remain for all posterity. I suppose I could go through and copy them all over manually myself, logging in as the appropriate person separately for every comment. Yeah, I’ll save that one for a rainy day‚ĶAlternatively, all of you who commented back there could find the relevant entry in the archives over here and re-enter your comment.

*wind, tumbleweeds*

Ok, ok, it was just a thought. I’m also trying to import my blogroll, but that may also have to be done manually. I thought computers were supposed to do everything for you? If you encounter any other technical hiccoughs, please let me know, and try to be patient with me, for I am a bear of little brain.

Thanks to Jagosaurus, Sgazzetti and Erik for advice and encouragement.