Bits and sods

I’m so glad I don’t have to “date” any more.

Fascinating story.

I’m changing jobs sometime in January (same organisation; different department). Apart from the fact that the new job will be more interesting, and more in line with my past work experience, the location of the new office is more central, which means that I can take the metro to work, which means I’ll have about 45 minutes more reading time per day. Plus, we’ll be able to sell the second car, and save money on petrol, tax, insurance, etc.

I have about one more month in this office before my¬†view changes…

the old office

9 Responses

  1. How’s the view going ot be from the new office?

    Also, while I am not the girl in the craigslist post you linked to*, I sure do know a bunch of them.

    *No doubt every female who read it thought that.

  2. Yeah, they’re all bitches now, right Jane?

  3. No, seriously, it’s all the rest of them!

  4. Riiiiiiight!

    I’d like to read the opposite version of the ‘date’ story.

  5. I was totally thinking that I should write the opposite version as a blog entry.

  6. Go for it, Tina. Now we’re all dying to hear it.

  7. Tina: Please do. It would be about a million kinds of awesome.

  8. Okay, it may have to wait a bit so I can finish my, you know, BOOK, but I’m gonna do it.

  9. Loved your office. Extrapolation the view of the VRT/RTBF-TV tower I can almost guess where your old office is located :-)

    Regarding the “dog of Flanders” story: there’s a pathetic tiny monument in front of Antwerp Cathedral, aimed at Japanese tourists (sponsored by a Japanese company)

    In fact, asking an average inhabitant of Antwerp about this story will only provoke “say what?” reactions ;-)

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