Going Dutch

So, after 6 years living in Brussels, we’re finally getting around to learning Dutch (no, not Flemish).

I won’t go into the endless complexities of the history of language policy in Belgium. Suffice it to say that the “Brussels Capital Region” is officially bilingual (although in reality it’s said that the majority of its inhabitants are francophone), which means that all public texts (signs, advertising, etc) are in both languages.

Since we both speak passable Frog, you could argue that learning Dutch is unnecessary, and yet we feel that it would be:

a) polite (many of our friends and neighbours are Dutch speakers),

b) fun (I know – we need to get out more, right?),

c) useful (we often make daytrips or short breaks to Flanders or Holland).

So, in order to avoid hiring babysitters while we rush off after work to an evening class, we’ve arranged for a teacher to come to us for an hour twice a week, starting in January.

The last time I started to learn a new language it was Italian, in 1999.