I go in America!

Tickets have been booked. Guidebooks have been purchased and are being scrutinized, highlighter pen in hand. We’re going to New York for a weekend in March, to buy a camera.

Yes, I realise it’s rather a long way to go for a single consumer electronics purchase, but take a moment to consider Señor Rasmussen’s eloquent argument. So, basically, I buy a camera, and get a weekend in New York for free. Who could say no?

This will be my first time in the ex-colonies, unless you count two hours in an LA airport waiting for a connecting flight to Tahiti for our honeymoon.  Apart from the camera, we plan to wander a bit, shop a bit, eat a lot (I’m keen to try the local specialities like bagels and all that meaty deli goodness, and we’re thinking of taking one of those foodie walking tours) and maybe climb the Empire State Building for the view. We probably won’t have time for museums or galleries, unfortunately. Any other suggestions? Best suggestion wins an authentic New York souvenir. Choose between a “I heart NY” t-shirt, two sizes too small, or a tiny plastic Statue of Liberty with the torch broken off.