In the flesh

On Saturday night I met, for the first time, some people who I’d only previously known through their blogs. A stray comment on V-grrrl’s blog led to an invitation to her almost-birthday party in Antwerp, hosted by her friend, the lovely Di, and also attended by the charming Peter.

I am happy to report that everyone was just as wonderful, (if not more so) than their online presences had lead me to expect. In fact, I have a theory that bloggers as a rule tend to be nicer, more intelligent, more attractive, younger-looking and more sweetly-fragranced than your typical non-blogger. Although, to be fair, non-bloggers in attendance were fascinating too. For example, the birthday girl’s husband enthralled me with tales of his travels, and the work he does here in Belgium (I can’t talk about it for security reasons, but let’s just say that he protects us all. Yes, he’s a kind of superhero…). Plus there was enchanting live music from Ivan, complete with carefully choreographed audience participation (“You sing ‘Pam, parapam-pam’…., Ok, now you stop singing!”).

Thanks again to all involved – you should go read their more comprehensive accounts on their own blogs.