Maison et Confort

Not that this blog is going to turn into an endless series of posts mocking catalogue tat, but I found this one lying around, inexplicably abandoned in a bookshop the other day, so I had to pick it up. Pictures can be clicked to view large on flickr.

Erik and sgazzetti – you’ll both be receiving a set of these next Christmas:


Below: “The friends of Nature know that all trees have a soul. But now they also have a face! The separate elements are in synthetic stone; the eyes shine at night.”


Below, extract: “Simply plant the character in a hedge or behind a barrier with the aid of the large metal bar, and observe the magic effect he has on passers-by. He’ll put even the grumpiest people in a good mood!”


And finally, in the bathroom section of the catalogue…


 I love her pose and expression. Does she think it’s a telephone, or is she just cuddling it?