From a book I’m currently reading:

“Initially the community may welcome us warmly – even overwhelmingly. But in every culture the newcomer is still exactly that – and newcomers by definition don’t fit in yet. Our basic position in the new community is one of statuslessness. We carry knowledge from past experiences – often including special knowledge of people, places and proceses – but none of that knowledge has use in this new place. No one knows about our history, abilities, talents, normal responses, accomplishments, or areas of expertise. Sometimes it seems they don’t care. Soon we question whether our achievements in the previous setting were as significant as we thought. […] Even with an initial warm welcome, we may discover it’s not as easy as we thought it would be to make close friends. Circles of relationships among our new acquaintances are already well defined, and most people aren’t looking to fill a vacant spot in such a circle.”

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