In-flight entertainment

I often look forward to travelling by plane or train, partly because it allows me to spend many hours justifiably doing nothing more than reading or watching movies. However three things prevent me from fully enjoying these hours in limbo:

1) The lack of physical comfort, which especially becomes an issue on long-haul flights (for example, Paris to Tokyo, 12 hours)

2) The small screens with their low-res image and bad sound, which often makes it difficult to hear the dialogue clearly over the engine roar.

3) Having to keep at least one eye on one or both of my toddler daughters, which can prevent me from really getting into a film unless they’re asleep, which they usually aren’t because they’re too excited about running up and down the aisle or kicking the chair in front of them.

So on the way out I only managed to watch parts of I Am Legend without headphones, which was ok because I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any scintillating dialogue and besides, I’d read the book already. On the way back I managed all of Dan In Real Life, which I’d recommend, and Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis, which was moderately enjoyable.

As for the two and a half weeks holiday that took place between these two flights? I’ll post some tidbits and observations here, but the main, blow-by-blow account will go up at the family blog. It’s such a mammoth task to write it all up (and sort through the 5GB worth of photos) that I can’t face doing an alternate version to put here.  By the way, I tend not to link directly to the family blog, as it’s intended to be for friends and family only. I don’t want to go to the extent of password-protecting it, but I don’t publicise it either. If you’re likely to be interested in reading about our daughters’ comings and goings and doings, you probably already know where to find it. If not, mail me and maybe I can send you the URL.

UPDATE: Just saw these, which serve as another reminder of the many joys of air travel.