A nice way to start the week

Mondays should always be like this:

  1. My boss and colleague are off on holiday all week.
  2. Server problems made work impossible for large chunks of the day, giving me a perfectly valid excuse to loaf, lounge, and take extended coffee breaks.
  3. I took a test to determine my level for a free language course at work due to start in September. Since I’ve only been learning Dutch since January, I didn’t think I’d be placed in a very high level (there are 6 in total), but I was hoping to jump over level 1, which always fills up very quickly. After a multiple choice grammar & vocabulary test and a brief chat in Dutch with a teacher, she tells me that she thinks I’ll be put in the level 3 class.
  4. I’m still very much enjoying playing with our new TV.
  5. I’m took some very satisfying photos of moss and cobwebs at the weekend.
  6. The day ended with a thunderstorm.
  7. My parents-in-law are here this week, leaving us free to go out every night.
  8. When I got home, BITWRATHPLOOB had arrived. If this means nothing to you, hie thee hence to its blog (which I will start updating soon), where you can learn about the history (although its origins are shrouded in mystery) and raison d’être of this globe-trotting troll-bear. It’s also on flickr and twitter, naturally. I am truly honoured to be entrusted with showing it around my adopted country, and hope it enjoys its stay with me.