Simon dit

While perusing my blog stats the other day I noticed that one of the most popular search terms people used to reach my blog was “maison et confort”, or variations thereon. Indeed, the Maison et Confort post is my second most popular after Sarnie Party.

I then realised that many of these visitors were looking at a French babelfish-translated version of my blog, so, out of curiosity, I took a look. The text itself was the predictable mixture of clear, muddled and nonsensical, but what caught my eye was the blogroll. See if you can identify your blog from the screenshot below.


Some make perfect sense (“Montagnard, s’il vous plaît” = “Hillbilly, please“), some are comically literal (“Mamans de corne de brume de Fiddl’d” = “Fiddl’d Foghorn Moms“) and some are mystifying (why does AV Club become “Clud de poids du commerce”?) . I also find it weird that the only one that was originally in French has been re-translated into something that makes no sense whatsoever (“La La du pair Ici luttent” = “Par ici la vie“).

Babelfish? Garblefish, more like.