What the phoque?

One of the minor inconveniences of the location of my office is that it’s near an area popular with protesters. Almost every week there’s some kind of demonstration, whether it’s French fishermen (no, I didn’t see any fisherwomen) Belgian farmers, Polish dock workers, or seal-lovers.

Yes, seal-lovers. No, this isn’t the surprisingly powerful pan-European pro-bestiality lobby group, but a collection of various animal rights activists concerned about the massacre of seals (phoques, in French) for their pelts. So what do they do to raise awareness of the bloodshed? Grown men and women dress up as seals, stand next to a thirty-foot long inflatable seal, and sing songs.

It garnered a lot more attention and support than any of the recent demonstrations about petrol prices or job losses, which just goes to show where people’s sympathies lie, I guess.