Time is money

When I took my youngest daughter to school this morning she stopped in the communal toilets to relieve herself. The room is open plan, with three tiny WCs in a row. On one of the other seats was a small boy with his trousers around his ankles, looking up at his mother with big sad eyes as she repeatedly sighed, looked at her watch, and said “Hurry up, I’ve got an important meeting this morning!”


2 thoughts on “Time is money

  1. Peter October 13, 2008 / 12:06 am

    LOL! Some parents could need a crash-course in “Education, 101”.

    I’m so glad all my mother had to to when I was a child was “shopping for clothes”, giving me a sense of “there’s no pressure” I still treasure today.


  2. Karen MEG (Pomtini) October 13, 2008 / 3:19 am

    Aw, poor little guy. I wonder if that was the 10th time she brought him, though; I tend to get a bit like that after several “false alarms” from the girlie. But I try not to.


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