No, but I read the book

Another book I received for my birthday, this time from my dear wife, was A Day At elBulli. If my maths is correct, which it probably isn’t, we have a 1 in 250 chance of getting a table (see statistics below), so this book may be the closest I get to a meal at “The Best Restaurant in the World“, at least for the time being. Some random information presented in the book:

Your questions about elBulli.

How many people eat at elbulli every year? Approximately 8,000. That is, about 50 people a day for about 160 days a year.

How many reservation requests are received every year? About two million.

How many people work at elBulli? Between sixty and seventy, depending on the time of year, which means that there are actually more staff than guests.

What is on the menu? Rather than choosing dishes from a menu, each guest is served a tasting menu of between twenty eight and thirty five dishes, comprising cocktails, snacks, tapas dishes, avant-desserts, desserts and morphings.

What if a guest wants to try a dish from a previous year? At elBulli the menu changes completely at the end of every season, so a guest will never eat the same dish twice. However, the menu at La Alqueria restaurant in the Hacienda Benazuza (the elBulli hotel near Seville) includes the best dishes from past seasons at elBulli, so guests can sample earlier menus there.”

I found the last point particularly heartening: even if we never make it to elBulli, we have a chance to try genuine Ferran Adria cuisine at another establishment. Either that or I can attempt to make one of the dishes myself – the book contains many recipes (click photo below to read the text, although that’s not all of it as the recipe continues for another two pages).


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