My blog has a built-in feature called “snapshots”, provided by a company called Snap. If you hover over a link,  up pops a small window with a preview of that site’s content, so you don’t even have to leave Simon Says (why would you, ever?) in order to see what I’m linking to.

But it was only the other day that I noticed the advertising search terms at the bottom of the window, which are obviously (in Snap’s mind, at least) influenced by and generated in response to the content of that site.  In other words, if you’re interested in going to have a look at site X, you may also be interested in seeing or searching for certain products and services. Or at least, that’s the theory. Let’s take a look at what it gives us if I hover over three “randomly selected” links in my blogroll.

Hillbilly snapshot


Isoglossia snapshot


Rasmussen snapshot

No comment necessary, I think…


5 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. jagosaurus February 6, 2009 / 4:43 pm

    Those are great. Isoglossia’s is far and away the best.


  2. CuriosityKiller February 8, 2009 / 1:00 pm

    I always thought those pop ups were a bit of a nuisance… it throws me off when I’m reading an article. But now, thanks to you pointing it out, I can see the benefits of having such a feature.


  3. Erik R. February 10, 2009 / 5:22 pm

    Awesome. Nothing like a good identity condensing algorithm.


  4. Peter February 11, 2009 / 1:01 pm

    Priceless indeed Simon.

    How about this one when touching http://egypt (etc)
    on my blog:
    “CIA” as a “related product and service”

    And yes, it’s 100% genuine, just ask for the link 😛


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