Yes, I’ve changed my blog design/layout-thingy. I also plan to get my hair cut soon. It’s that time of year. Brussels is going through something of a…well, not a heatwave as such – more of a “springwave”.  I wasn’t quite ready for it – in fact I was more than a little resentful, and was hoping that when I go on holiday in early April it would still be cold and miserable here, so that I could savour the contrast more. It’s not enough that I enjoy my holiday, you see – others have to envy me the good weather I’m enjoying while they’re battling their way through wind-blown drizzle back home.

I also deleted most of the blogroll – please don’t take it personally, but it was getting unwieldy and, I think, unnecessary. Most of the bloggers I like leave comments here every now and then, so you can follow them back to their own sites that way.