Freeze Frame

As I mentioned before, we get a lot of foreign channels from our cable provider here in Brussels, including RAI Uno. The thing is that some of these channels broadcast films and sporting events which they only have the rights to show in their own countries. So if, as happened over the weekend, RAI Uno wants to show the World Cup qualifying match between Italy and Montenegro, Italians in Italy can see it, whereas Italians (or anyone else for that matter) in Brussels can’t, so we just get a blank screen.

Well, not entirely blank. For some reason they start the coverage and then at a certain point the image freezes (like when you get a few minutes of the porn channel in your hotel before it goes fuzzy. Um… so I’ve heard). That frozen image will then stay there for the duration of the programme. Usually the image is fairly random and unexceptional, but the one I saw this weekend was weirdly hypnotic, for some reason.