Night. Aliens are invading, but they are nowhere to be seen. Instead, they are using some kind of ray to weaken the population first by robbing them of their senses. I run out into the street to find many people milling around, going blind. I find a woman who used to work with me as a police officer. I test her sight by asking her to tell me how many fingers I’m holding up. She gets it right, but I can tell that she’s just guessing. She knows me well so she knows how many fingers I’m likely to hold up. I draw the outline of a top hat-wearing snowman in the air and ask her what it is. She says “Snow…”, but again I’m not convinced – she’s going blind, like everyone else.

Later we’re queuing inside a rather dingy, run-down burger bar. People are docile and zombie-like, and although the alien-sense-stealing crisis is still going on in the background, we need something to eat. One man in the queue is talking to an old, rather stern woman who works there. He challenges her on the healthiness of the food they serve. She points out that they have a couple of salads on the menu, but he laughs this off as tokenism.

Later, back outside, most people are now blind, and many are now deaf too. I wonder whether they’ve also lost their sense of touch, or taste. Then a man walking towards me stops in his tracks and falls forward flat onto his face. The end is coming. People everywhere start collapsing, although I and one other person remain unaffected. Then I and this other person find ourselves pulled along the road by an invisible force, as if we’re being collected by a hovering alien mothership while the rest of the population perishes.

Then I wake up.

A prediction of the impending Rapture? Or simply the result of seeing a couple of apocalyptic science fiction movies (Knowing at the cinema and The Day The Earth Stood Still on the plane back from Mauritius) recently?