I have about 40 blogs in my feed reader. Is that a lot? I have no idea. Then again, about half of them post pretty infrequently, so it’s not like I have to catch up with 40 people’s doings every day, or even every week.

Of these:

  • 4 are people I knew in real life (I hate that phrase – is the internet just imaginary?) before they started blogging
  • 5 are people I met in real life after following their blogs
  • 6 are people with whom I’ve had no contact, and I read them regularly but never comment (often because they don’t permit comments)
  • 3 are well-known writers who happen to have blogs, rather than well-known bloggers
  • 21  (the largest group) are people on whose blogs I regularly comment and with whom I’ve also had some other kind of direct contact; email, facebook, twitter or flickr. In fact if I like your blog it’s highly likely that at some point I’ve tried to make contact with you in some way, if only to say that I like your blog.
  • I haven’t counted “blogs” in my feed reader which are part of magazines or news sites. I’m talking about people who just decide to share their thoughts online for free, not journalists.