Please keep your receipt

Having met friends for lunch at our local Ikea and consumed far too many Swedish meatballs, we tottered back to the car. Baby needed feeding, so as my wife attended to his needs, I let my gaze wander around the carpark. I noticed a man fiddling with the row of trolleys, trying to get something out of one of them in the middle of the chain. He glared at me and basically told me to mind my own business, but I kept a surreptitious eye on him anyway. After much faffing he eventually succeeded in recovering a receipt left in the bottom of the trolley. He then made his way along the rest of the column, seemingly checking all the trolleys for stray receipts. Then he moved on to the next trolley park and started the search again. He found a second one. He pocketed it and headed into the shop.

Our theory is that once inside he he picks up off the shelf whatever’s listed on the receipts and then goes to customer service and claims that he’d just bought it but has changed his mind and would like an exchange or a refund.


3 thoughts on “Please keep your receipt

  1. Erik R. November 3, 2009 / 2:48 pm

    That’s a nice scam.

    I almost blogged a receipt-based scam I heard of last year. I still might.


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