Art Attack

This is Shawn. Shawn has a scar on his forehead, but he’s no boy wizard.

Shawn recently visited Paris and Brussels with his Japanese wife and her parents. While strolling around a Parisian square his wife’s attention was caught by the work of a street artist. She pulled out her camera and took a photo of one of the paintings. The artist was seated a little way off and noticed what she was doing. Perhaps understandably miffed at this infringement of his intellectual property rights, he threw a rock which he apparently had about his person in case of such eventualities. Whether by accident or design the rock hit Shawn square in the temple, rather than his wife. A stream of multilingual abuse issued from the aggrieved artist’s mouth, to which Shawn replied with an apology.

I’m trying to imagine how this little drama might have played out in other, more litigious cultures.