Warning – this blogpost is not for the weak of stomach.

So last night I threw up (24 hour virus, my wife and a colleague also had it this week). While gazing into the sink something struck me: I was slightly puzzled by what I had actually brought up.

Some context: for lunch I had pasta with basil leaves and sundried tomatoes, and for dinner (I was already feeling a bit poorly by that stage) I had saffron-flavoured risotto. Then I had a cup of coffee. When I vomited at 9:30pm, out came the coffee, as expected, but the rest was mostly the sundried tomato and basil leaves. No pasta, no risotto.

Thinking about it later, I guess the carbohydrates were more easily digested, while the tomatoes and basil, being more fibrous, had yet to fully break down. Still, for a moment there I thought I’d turned into some Stevie Starr-style selective regurgitator, and that a career on the cabaret circuit and TV chat shows awaited: