Next week I have two days off. Not just days at home looking after the kids during their school holidays, but days when I’m left completely to my own devices, free to fill the time as I choose. Like many people with children who don’t get a lot of “me” time, I dream of this kind of situation, and yet it also scares and confuses me. So many possibilities, which to choose? And while “two whole days” might sound like a lot of time, with one thing and another it works out to 9am-3pm, twice. Minus lunchtime, and travel time if I want to go somewhere.

I’ve narrowed the options down to these:

1. Potter around the house doing chores, tidying, paperwork, etc.

Advantages: this stuff needs to be done, and I’ll feel good about having achieved something useful (for a change).

Disadvantages: boring. Also inevitably frustrating as however much “work” I get done, there’s always more.

2. Spend some quality time with my DVD collection. I could make a big dent in season 4 of The Wire, or work my way through the special features from one of my favourite films.

Advantages: pleasurable and relaxing.

Disadvantages: in theory I can watch DVDs any evening of the week once the kids are in bed, so it won’t feel like I’m really taking full advantage of those two days.

3. Go into town and go to an exhibition (something I never get the time to do these days). Maybe that season of contemporary African photography I’ve heard so much about. Then wander for a bit, take some photos of urban oddities (of which Brussels has its fair share), find somewhere nice for lunch.

Advantages: potentially both pleasurable and improving.

Disadvantages: requires more effort and planning than option 2. Plus, I’d have to put on some proper clothes and get on a packed, sweaty metro, which I do every day when I go to work.

Help me, Internet! Tell me what to do!