Coriander and Lime

I haven’t read Niki Segnit’s The Flavour Thesaurus, but this extract in a review caught my attention and made me smile.

“The first time I ordered Vietnamese beef and coriander noodle soup, a wedge of lime turned up in it, I put it to one side and left it there, grinning at me as it leaked tangy beef stock into my paper napkin. Lime, I thought, is sweet. Bear in mind I was brought up on Rose’s lime cordial and its matching alien-plasma marmalade: sweet and then some. The more I ate Vietnamese and Thai food, the more lime began to turn up in savoury dishes, most often in partnership with coriander. It wasn’t long before I was ordering dishes simply because they came with lime and coriander, which is a bit like buying a song because you like the backing vocals, and no worse a habit for that. Coriander and lime are the wooh woohs in “Sympathy for the Devil” – completely and utterly indispensable.”