Shutter Island

Last night we watched Shutter Island, which I enjoyed very much. A compelling plot, expertly directed and energetically performed. I only have one small grumble, and that’s not with the film itself, but the way the film was marketed. In a word, spoilers.

Now most people probably won’t consider what I’m about to reveal to be a spoiler at all. The reviews I read were careful to avoid revealing the big twist at the end…but by then they’d already spoilt it for me. You see, just telling us that there’s a big twist coming is a spoiler for me. I already knew that I wanted to see the film based on the cast, director and writer, and the basic premise (a disappearance in an insane asylm) was intriguing, but once someone tells me that there’s a big, mind-boggling twist at the end, it changes the whole way I approach the film. Right from the start I’m looking for clues, not trying to figure out the mystery along with the protagonist, but trying to figure out what’s really going on and whether or not what we’re seeing can be trusted. In fact, I correctly guessed the ending before I even put the DVD in the player.

I still enjoyed it a lot, and I’m sure you would too (if you have the stomach for some disturbing imagery), but I’d have preferred to see it with no plot-related expectations whatsoever.