Four more years!

This nonsense has been going on for four whole years now. To the day. Can you believe it?

Five top posts, in terms of views, are:

  1. Maison et Confort
  2. Sarnie Party
  3. Fork Handles
  4. Theme tune
  5. The thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to

Which is not to say that people have read them or liked them, but that they’ve received hits based on people searching for particular phrases (this explains number 5, which would otherwise have received little attention).

Perhaps a better indicator is the number of comments a post receives, in which case the top 5 looks more like this:

  1. Sarnie Party
  2. Feed Me Weird Things
  3. Only 4 Senses
  4. Purpose
  5. Sandwich Party 3

The lesson here seems clear: the way to a blog-reader’s heart is through his/her stomach.