Guest star

Quite often as I enter the building where I work I find myself walking in front of people taking photos of the sign outside (god knows why, it’s really nothing much to look at). I rarely if ever slow down or go out of my way, either because I figure it’s a digital camera so it won’t cost them anything to take another photo, or because I’m in the background and they won’t notice me at all. This also used to happen when I lived in Genoa and coming out of our apartment involved walking through the Porta Soprana, where I would invariably be met by a gaggle of tourists pointing their lenses at me.

I sometimes wonder how many times I’ve popped up in someone’s holiday photos. Apart from the ones they delete because they feel I’ve spoilt their shot, I’m still probably present somewhere in the corner of images stored on computers across the world.

Then again, I can’t say I ever spend much time looking at the passers-by who’ve wandered into any of my own shots…