Men in skirts

On the one hand…

“For a Scotsman, owning and wearing a kilt is very worrying because it is an obvious statement of what you think you are. You fear the statement you are really making is that you are in fact a dickhead with some arrogant, blinkered Caledonian chip on your shoulder and can’t help but be screaming ‘Look at me! Look, I’ve got a kilt on! Come on, ask me something stupid like “What are you wearing underneath? What Clan are you? Ooh, you do look good in it! Do you wear it all the time? You should wear it more often”‘.

On the other hand…

“In foreign parts, kilts are very useful things to have, up there with platinum American Express cards and private armies. Kilts open doors and make friends, win admiration and scare off muggers. They get you seats in crowded restaurants without a reservation; they gain you instant admission to the crack dens in the Lower Bronx, they are loved and feared around the world, as long as you are outside the British Isles. ”

Bad Wisdom, Bill Drummond and Mark Manning

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